Improve Instagram With Linktree
Posted by gerelcgruber | 10 March 2018| Blog, Social Media

IMPROVE INSTAGRAM WITH LINKTREE Grow connections, track results and re-market visitors Integrating additional features to Instagram can be the best way to enhance your offerings and turn clicks into clients. Here’s one free-to-affordable add-on that takes over where the app leaves off. With Linktree you can enhance your personal or professional profile page by customising...

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The Basics on How to Improve SEO
Posted by gerelcgruber | 12 February 2018| Blog, Search Engine Optimisation

HOW TO IMPROVE SEO Getting started with the basics Whether you’re a successful business owner or just getting started with an online enterprise, one thing to consider seriously is Search Engine Optimisation. READ ABOUT  > SEO Basics Get tips & Resource links SEO is a huge part of conducting a successful online business and while it...

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5 things to look for in a web designer
Posted by gerelcgruber | 22 January 2018| Web Design

So you’ve decided you need a website, purchased a great domain name and are now looking for someone to design it for you. With all the options out there to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. No doubt there are many people “up to the task” your friends and family might know...

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5 Things To Avoid When Hiring A Web Designer
Posted by gerelcgruber | 21 January 2018| Web Design

Making a great website has never been easier and there are hundreds of content management systems (CMS) that make a compelling case to forget hiring a developer altogether … If you decide to have someone do the work for you, here are 5 things to avoid when hiring a web designer. Why hire a web...

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