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Street Art Photography

One thing I’ve come to appreciate having moved back to Adelaide is the vibrant Street Art scattered around the city. From the ports and beaches to the CBD and surrounding suburbs. The colour and variance in style seem to provide more than a refreshing take on a building, street or community. While sometimes used as a form of advertising, it’s mostly just used as a simple expression of creativity and an enlightened counter to 80s style tagging still present in the city, but thankfully to a much lesser degree.

I’ve heard it said that there are some who don’t appreciate these creative works, but have yet to encounter anyone personally with a negative attitude towards this for of urban expression myself. Having lived in places almost totally devoid of these, I’ve taken it upon myself to enjoy and share with others who appreciate creative art and urban expression through my Street Art Photography.

An an ongoing project, I hope to keep adding to this page and I hope you enjoy.