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G2 Content Creation Services

Content Creation Services

G2 provides digital media content creation services for clients committed to promoting their business successfully.

Designed to promote a product, place or service, digital content creation by G2 provides for enhanced SEO and visibility in a crowded marketplace.

Whether it is expanding upon existing site page content, adding featured articles, video creation, and photography to integration with social media, advertising, and traditional media channels, I specialise in targeting and then creating compelling content with a purpose.

My creative background begins in traditional public relations, journalism, and marketing. This experience combined with a history of evaluating communications, reach and SEO gives my clients a unique advantage in tailoring a well planned and implemented digital communications strategy. One that combines reporting and evaluation.

Content placement is often left to a single channel leaving out valuable referral potential and neglecting permanency. When utilising G2 content creation services, I provide consultation and a marketing background designed to educate and provide content for clients focused on increasing awareness, enhancing insight and generating customer inquiry.


Contact G2 for the following Content Creation Services:

  • Content strategy centred on keyword use, competitive analysis and company marketing objectives.
  • Content planning designed by type of media, media channel, brand consistency, and company objectives.
  • Editing and review stage prior to publishing.
  • Effective channel integration.
  • Analytic review and evaluation.
  • Consulting & Education.


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